Our vision: A world where all Australians
can access healthy, fresh, ecologically grown food
that is fair to producers and eaters.

Founded in 2009, the Food Connect Foundation is building on the pioneering achievements over the past eight years of award-winning social enterprise, Food Connect Brisbane.

Food Connect provides seasonal, ecological food from local farmers within a 500 km radius of Brisbane.  Weekly boxes of fresh produce and groceries are delivered through its unique distribution system called the City Cousin network.

Over the past decade, Robert Pekin, the founder of Food Connect, has successfully worked with communities to initiate, support and inspire many ethical food distribution enterprises across Australia.

The Food Connect business model is trail-blazing a path towards re-localised and seasonal eating, thereby creating a fair deal for farmers. 

Originally based on the principles of Community Supported Agriculture, customers create a stable market for local farmers,  enabling them to commit to ecological growing practices.

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Evolving as Australia's first Local Food Hub, Food Connect Brisbane now services a growing wholesale market to buyers groups, restaurants, cafes, farmers market stall holders and cooperatives.

The addition of a commercial kitchen now allows 'kitchen grade' produce to be processed as value-added products, thereby reducing on-farm waste.

The kitchen is also leased to micro-enterprise start-up food makers who specialise in artisan products.

In 2009 the not-for-profit Food Connect Foundation was  established to offer a formal structure for the work and research previously conducted by Robert and his colleagues.

We will work to connect a community that values a fair, healthy and flourishing food culture, where food and the work of those who grow, produce, process, transport and distribute it are recognised and rewarded fairly.

A local economy that works for all is possible.