I want to run an event!

Fantastic!  We love helping people to run events that raise awareness of a fairer food system, a more just society and a regenerating environment, or you may just want to throw a party with a difference.

We also make the warehouse available as a venue for community members between the months of March and October.  It's too hot in the shed over Brisbane's summer - there's nothing worse than a tin shed full of sweaty, smelly bodies ;)

To get the ball rolling, please fill out the form below.  Please provide as many details as you can.  It will help us to process your application faster.

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Food Connect promotes a fairer food system, which means we have some ethical requirements from the venue hirer regarding the food served at our events. 1. All fresh produce must be sourced from Food Connect farmers. We will ensure you get reasonable rates when purchasing through us. 2. All non-perishables must be sourced from sustainable suppliers, and wherever possible, locally owned. 3. Local and/or sustainably sourced beverages are to be consumed.
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