Emma-Kate Rose, Executive Director

Bachelor Degree in Justice Studies

Emma-Kate is a mother, community advocate and social entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia.

She currently leads Food Connect, a social enterprise which has led the way in transforming the local food system, using principles of ecological agriculture and engaging ethically with family farms and local communities for over 14 years. Food Connect has open-sourced its model across Australia and New Zealand, and last year, led an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise over $2million to buy its own warehouse along with 500 careholders.

Emma-Kate is one of four Fellows of the Yunus Centre for Social Business at Griffith University. Now in her second year as Chair of Qld Social Enterprise Council, she has helped secure philanthropic and government funding to coordinate a sector-wide strategy to scale impact across Qld.



Robert Pekin, Director and Chair

Robert is a former 4th generation organic dairy farmer and over the last 20 years has been innovating food production and distribution systems in Australia. In 2004, he founded Food Connect, a dynamic multi-farmer food distribution enterprise with an innovative community-based distribution system. In 2009, the Food Connect Foundation was launched to increase the scope of the fair food movement internationally and across Australia.

Robert is a member of the national board of Australian Social Enterprise Advisory Group, co-founder of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, and a founding director of Open Food Network. He’s a contributing author to Fair Food, published by University of Queensland Press.

Last year he co-founded the Food Connect Shed to run a successful equity crowdfunding campaign. Rob is a well known speaker in the Fair Food movement. He loves his blended family of four children, and his favourite foods are beer, butter and good bread.



Gaala Watson, Director

Gaala is a Kungalu and Birri-Gubba Woman born and raised in Brisbane. She has an MBA from Griffith Business School, and runs her own arts business, Bimbi Love. She is currently a member of the Social Enterprise Stand Up Project management team supported by the Queensland Social Enterprise Council and the Yunus Centre for Social Business at Griffith University.

Gaala is very passionate about increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation and opportunity within the fair food movement and more broadly across the social enterprise sector in Queensland.